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w w w . a f r i c a n a d d i c t i v e a d v e n t u r e s . c o m

This is a new product on Kilimanjaro.  We recommend our clients attempting this activity who have time to do an acclimatization trek from Marangu gate to Mandara Hut before they embark on the cycling route.  This is to enable their bodies to adjust to the altitude involved on this challenging and demanding activity. 


Our journey begins early in the morning at 8am at Marangu Gate where all cyclists will be required to register into the park and once the necessary paper work has been completed, we drive for an hour west to Kilema gate where the cycling commence.  An 8km endurance cycle at altitude from Kilema gate to Kilema cave awaits.  One crosses the forest belt of Kilimanjaro to the edge of the moorlands of Kilema cave.  The route is remote, with the only signs of activity being the odd rescue vehicle ferrying a sick client down from Horombo.  From Horombo we join the Marangu trail up to the summit and descend via the same trail to Horombo and exit the park via the Kilema gate.  Total duration is 5 days.

Accommodation on the first night is in tents at Kilema cave, the remainder of the trip in Huts both at Horombo and Kibo.  There are 120 bunk beds at Horombo Hut and 60 bunk beds at Kibo Hut.  The Huts come equipped with solar generated lighting, flush toilets and water piped in from a nearby mountain stream. Each hut has 6-8 bunk beds.

For More information just contact us.

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